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Suzie Stanford, Designer & Finder

16 Oct

Meet Melbourne based designer Suzie Stanford.

A kindred Hunter Gatherer, I love that she also calls herself a Finder.


Tapestry chair reupholstered with vintage tea towels.


“I draw inspiration from the discarded and am inspired to give them new charm.  I collect in a magpie-like fashion from auction houses, curio shops and flea markets around the world. By employing old materials in new products I find it inspiring to be able to incorporate the unique histories of each item I use. I daydream of the stories past told and ones to be re-lived once the piece takes on a new form and owner. I don’t think I really make anything new.  I just make new connections.” SS


Teacup pendant lights

I love that Suzie transforms everyday objects abandoned at op shops and gives them a glamorous new life. It’s like a Cinderella story. 

And she is right you know….. Imagination will take you everywhere. 

Crystal pendant lights for Megan Park's Melbourne boutique

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