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Rhythms Op Shop, Seven Hills

21 Aug

Sssh don’t tell anyone but this one of my favourite hunting grounds.


Rhythms Op Shop in Seven Hills is a sure thing, a place where I can always find great preloved clothes. It’s also a joy to visit. The staff are super friendly and love a chat often asking me if I would like a cuppa whilst I browse the racks. The stock is edited so that only items in good condition make it onto the floor, no sifting through racks of pilled Kmart t-shirts or jeans with busted zippers.


My other favourite reason for visiting this store on a regular basis is to check out the visual merchandising. These guys have a clever stylist on their team who has really lifted the edge of this store above other op shops. I’d compare the styling to the overpriced vintage stores in Newtown, only better with price tags comparable to Vinnies. The stylist uses their own collection of vintage/retro items which sadly are not for sale. Recently the shop had a face lift and I was bowled over by the effect of chalkboard walls used as price points lit with vintage lamps.






This week’s visit didn’t let me down. I found an out of print book I’d been searching for quite a while for just 10 cents. Yes 10 cents! Also two linen tops, a classic Country Road shirt and a black Hammock & Vine oversized jacket. All that for under $10. I did of course take a much larger armful of clothes into the generously sized change room but as is the way with op shopping not everything fits. Everything is like a one-off, you have to take what you can get. Of all the great finds I had to put back on the rack I was saddest to leave this gorgeous raw silk Akira piece.

akira Collage

Rhythms Op Shop is run by a local church who believe in grass-roots level community assistance. Yes the op shop itself is fabulous but there is also a lounge area at the back of the store to take a rest & have a chat.  They offer all types of assistance to those in need whether it be food or contact with relevant community services. As a nonreligious person myself I find this type of work really inspiring but not because it’s the work of the church, I’ve never once had that pushed on me in all my years of visiting this store but because it’s about community building. Good people doing good for others. Of course many of the big charity stores run on this principle also but it is always at Rhythms that I feel the love. The genuine care for those that walk through their door.


Rhythms Op Shop is located at 154 Best road Seven Hills.

Tip: while you’re there… Pop around the corner to Boomerang Place where you will find some great Indian supermarkets and authentic Sri Lankan & Indian restaurants. Don’t leave empty-handed.




OP SHOP – The Salvos Warehouse, Seven Hills

8 Jan

The Salvos AKA The Salvation Army really know how to do thrift. They offer us Hunter Gatherers massive warehouses full of second-hand goods to pick over. They also jumped on the pop up shop trend with their Salvonista concept in order to snare more customers and make them think differently about op shopping. I’ve written before about the Salvos warehouse at Michinbury, today I’ll be taking you on a tour of their Seven Hills warehouse.


This is my local, so I tend to go there A LOT. The store used to be in Blacktown a couple of years ago. I had a bit of a panic when I heard it was closing down but then found out it opening just down the road for me! Truth be told sometimes I hate it being so close. Too often I find myself stopped at the traffic lights looking directly at the store thinking, I’ve got an extra 15 minutes, I’ll just pop in for a quick look and then find I’ve lost a whole hour as I’m lugging armfuls of stuff back to the car.


The Seven Hills warehouse is not quite as big as the Michinbury one but still has ample stock to sift through. There is a much smaller selection of furniture on offer here even still I have found some great pieces including a vintage telephone table upholstered in green velvet. I love buying books here. The staff have organised the books into categories and will even offer to help you look for a particular book you are after. Clothes are neatly hung on a mass of racks in the middle of the store, sorted by gender, type and even colour coded. You’ve gotta love the organised people who work at this store.


The Salvos Warehouse is located at 183 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills.

Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-4pm and Sat 8.30am-1pm.

They will accept donations to their loading dock at the rear of the warehouse.


Haul List – Narrabeen Car Boot Sale

30 Aug

The early bird catches the worm as they say and these early birds got up before sunrise to make the 7am opening time at the Narrabeen Car Boot Sale. We’ve been busting to do this flea market again since our last visit. The whole oval is filled to the brim almost exclusively with genuine garage sale type stalls and with one of the cheapest stallholder rates in Sydney, it in turn keeps the sale prices down. We find that compared to other flea markets in the Sydney metro area, this one offers better quality items for the same if not cheaper price than others.

We picked up lots of things, here a sampler.

Men's Industrie jeans $2

Men’s Industrie jeans $2

2x3m of tie dyed fabric that I plan to use to cover a lounge.

2x3m of tie dyed fabric that I plan to use to cover a lounge.

Scaletrics set $20

Scaletrics set $20

New with tags Von Zipper hats & spotty leggings $2 each

New with tags Von Zipper hats & spotty leggings $2 each

Rustic pot rack $5 that I may put to another use?

Rustic pot rack $5 that I may put to another use?

28 CDs for $15

28 CDs for $15

As always our kids did very well out of this haul.

Billabong beanie $2

Billabong beanie $2

Lego Friends set $1, new pencil case $1, drawing book only 5 cents!

Lego Friends set $1, new pencil-case $1, drawing book only 5 cents!

Bunting $3

Bunting $3

Backpack $2, suede boots $5

Backpack $2, suede boots $5

New art canvas x 2 $4, jewellery stand 50c, new Wii Fit $1, phone cases $1each, crystals for my rock collector $5

New art canvas x 2 $4, jewellery stand 50c, new Wii Fit $1, phone cases $1each, crystals for my rock collector $5

The weather turned on another picture perfect day. The pay off for getting up so early is that we’re done the market in a few hours and can then hit the beach by late morning to enjoy the rest of the day. Win! A beach day in Winter? Yes!

The Narrabeen Car Boot Sale is held on the oval at Narrabeen Sports High School. 7am-1pm on the last Sunday of February, May, August & November.

The market is by run the school’s P+C association, so profits benefit the school directly.

Haul List – Kirribilli Fashion Market

11 Aug

Spring has arrived early in Sydney this year and there has been none of the blustery August winds, just glorious sunny days. Loving it! It is perfect market weather and we have been taking every opportunity to get out amongst the stalls every weekend. Today we headed for one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge where the Kirribilli market runs nearby its northern foundation in Bradfield Park.

August 122

Kirribilli runs a few different markets but today was the fashion market where the whole bowling green is stacked with stalls selling pre-loved fashion. Most of it designer threads and at least 90% of it for women so it’s a fab girls day out. Leave your man in the food area to sample all the great cuisines from around the world and soak up some tunes by the live band of the day.

August 124

I love this market – stunning location, awesome food, live music, art & craft stalls as well as a huge number of second-hand stalls but I struggle with the higher price tags. Yes this is North Sydney and yes most of the preloved goods on offer are designer but I’ve been spoiled by op shop prices and just can’t bring myself to pay $10 for a generic second-hand scarf when I usually only pay $1. The Hunter in me knows that shopping below eye level yields good results in pocket friendly terms. So remember to look what’s on the ground and rummage through the boxes & bags of clothing under the racks of higher priced clothes.

Here is some of what we found today.

Converse $10 a pair. LOVE the gold ones with the zipper detail!

Converse $10 a pair. LOVE the gold ones with the zipper detail!

Sportsgirl scarf $3

Sportsgirl scarf $3

Sass & Bide pants $5.  S&B Vie Love what you love without hesitation.

Sass & Bide pants $5.
S&B Vie Love what you love without hesitation.

5 x Deus ex Machina T-shirts and a cap for only $15!

5 x Deus ex Machina T-shirts and a cap for only $15!

My man was stoked when I found these shirts in a bag marked $5 each. By the time I’d sifted through the entire bag and accumulated a few other items the stallholder offered us a greatly reduced price, almost half the listed price so it always pays to buy in bulk. Friendly chatter with the stallholder will always work in your favour also.

August 146

Kirribilli Fashion Market runs every 2nd Sunday of the month, 9am-3pm in Bradfeild Park.

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