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The Grounds and our old stomping ground.

7 Jul

There’s a new market in Sydney, so of course we felt compelled to check it out. The Grounds of Alexandria is essentially a cafe but the clever team behind this enterprise are promoting it as a destination. Set on a large block in the industrial precedent of Alexandria, The Grounds cafe includes a large outdoor seating area with veggie patches, a chicken coop and a kid’s cubby/play area. It’s a lovely concept. They have recently started a weekend market on the site and it is obviously a huge hit with the locals. The place was packed! Hordes of people lined up to get into the cafe (I couldn’t even get a look inside), a huge line snaked around the outdoor area for food & coffee, they even lined up to look at some of the stalls? I wouldn’t really call this a market, it’s more like an extension of the cafe to cope with the masses on the weekend. Most of the stalls were run by The Grounds as a way of spreading out the produce and reducing the lines for the cafe, then there were a few other random stalls – a florist, a butcher, handmade cosmetics, cheese, homewares, an organic grocer. Kids are well catered for here. As well as the cubby house, there was also a jumping castle and an animal petting farm. Our kids felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of people though and couldn’t wait to leave. We stayed less than half an hour. It felt like trying to get into the hottest new bar in town, cram packed with overdressed and cashed up inner city apartment dwellers getting their weekend dose of vitamin D. Maybe it had something to do with the DJ pumping out loud music? It was all a bit try hard.


So we left The Grounds empty-handed and headed for our fallback, Rozelle markets. It never fails to impress us. After filling our bellies with yum cha style dumplings and Himalayan fare from the food section of the market we hunted through the stalls of second-hand goods.

Levi's boots (unworn) $10, dominos $5, Old school Adidas haggled down to $5

Levi’s boots (unworn) $10, dominos $5, Old school Adidas haggled down to $5

Shopping this way is just as much about what you uncover even if you don’t buy it. Some of the great things we saw today were a set of 5 gorgeous red 60’s dining chairs in mint condition for $250, shame they were too low for our dining table. A killer pair of unworn YSL black patent stiletto booties for a mere $20, only 3 sizes too big for me. BNWT Current/Elliot $250 distressed jeans, just $10.

Alice McCall cropped vest $5, Distressed leggings $5, Arthur Galan top $2, Mimco wallet $5, Folk clutch $2.

Alice McCall cropped vest $5, Distressed leggings $5
Arthur Galan top $2, Mimco wallet $5, Folk clutch $2.

Directly across the road from Rozelle market is the Australian Red Cross op shop. This is one of those op shops that knows it’s labels and sells them at their value. I found a gorgeous pair of tan cowboy boots for $20 that were worn in to butter soft but a tad to big for me sadly. *must add cowboy boots to op shopping list * I did come away with a few novels for less than a $1 a book and the kids piled up a stack of $3 DVDs. My husband fared best here finding his favourite work shoe brand, Kenneth Cole in new condition for $40 and a great business shirt with cuffs for $10 by Trent Nathan.

Red Cross Collage


Rozelle Markets

13 Jun

It wins the prize for our favourite market and our most frequented. The market is held in the grounds of Rozelle school, a beautiful old school set in picturesque grounds. It’s tall trees offer canopy for the stall holders whilst the towering sandstone structure that is the original school building provides the perfect backdrop for a village market. The school has recently upgraded it’s playground which rivals any other in the area. Our kids love this market not just for the monkey bars but also for the space. They can run about on their scooters without being squished by shoppers, they love the live music and they love the food. The market offers several high quality food stalls from Yum Cha dumplings to Himalayan and their fave, Gozlemes. 

http://www.rozellemarkets.com.au/  You can find directions & info about the market here.


Rozelle market operates all weekend, every weekend though we prefer the Sunday. Sundays tend to be easier for us with less time constraints and we find more casual stall holders on this day. The dealers tend to favour the Saturday. Casuals are usually your garage sale variety which is what we seek. They want to get rid of as much of their junk as possible before the end of the day, they sell it cheap and they are open to haggling. Dealers on the other hand are there to make a profit, expect a sales pitch. That’s not to say I don’t check their wares. I have found some great items on their stalls it just depends on what you are prepared to pay for an item.

On a recent visit we were fortunate to meet some friends at Rozelle. Including two of my partners in shopping crime, girls of my own heart who hunt for potential fancy dress and life’s essentials, you know; books, high heels or a vintage jacket. Its fun to shop in tandem, picking out items for one another and giggling at the ludicrous. In fact my favourite buy of the day was something I found for one of the girls. These fabulous, attention demanding, patent pumps. They only cost $5 and I was so happy to see them go to someone I know. At leat I will get to see them again, in action.


We also picked up kids shoes (which is always a bargain) Miss 7 scored a pair of Ked’s sequined ballet flats and pink Barbie boots complete with pink faux fur for $5 each and they look brand new, yay! 7 CDs for $10, a $5 dress and a $2 skirt, a box of Kevin Murphy (hair) Curlers $1. I was excited to purchase a pair of black gladiator Siren heels for $5 that I lusted after 2 seasons ago. The kids were excited to find a kid’s stall. That is kid’s selling their preloved books, toys, clothes and games in order to buy more of the same. They purchased 10 books for $12 and Beanie Bears for $3.

 We completed the day with a trip to Adriano Zumbo’s cafe located at the rear of Rozelle market. ( http://adrianozumbo.com/cafe-menu/). My Kaffir Lime & Ginger macaroon added the perfect sweet end note to another great day at the markets.   

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