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Sunglasses need love too

11 Aug

We live such disposable lives now, always upgrading and lusting for the “new”. Australia is one of the fastest adapters of new technology in the world consuming iPhones and the like akin to a child with a bagful of mixed lollies. But what happens to all the discarded things? I absolutley hate waste and will always look for ways to lead a #zerowastelife I also really hate it when my sunglasses break.

Sunglasses tend to be one of those items we hate purchasing but wear on a daily basis. Personally I can’t stand to be outdoors without them. Our dependancy on them grows with each wear until suddenly they cark it, then we practicality burst into tears. I really should show my sunglasses a bit more respect, put them in a case at the very least rather than throwing them in my handbag only to be molested by my keys rendering them so scratched that I can’t see through them. Tsk Tsk.


Long ago I made a pact with myself never to spend more than $30 on a pair of sunglasses. I just couldn’t justify spending over a hundred dollars on an item that could potenially break next week. Still my dispair at a pair of broken sunglasses motivates me to somehow prolong their life, even if it’s recycled into rescuing another pair of sunnies.


If you trash the lens of your sunglasses, keep the arms & those teeny tiny screws. Get yourself a tiny screwdriver in both phillips & flat head to manage them. If you can find a magnetic one all the better as those miniture screws are tricky to handle! Now you have a back up supply of screws to save your sunglasses the next time an arm falls off. The screws come in different lengths & thicknesses so its worth accumulating any and all. Do yourself a favour and use that screwdriver to tighten the screws on your current sunglasses to prevent the arms dislodging in the first place.


The arms can potenially create you a new pair of sunglasses by swapping them onto another pair that fit. This is a nifty trick if you have arms with a logo on them that you like.


I love Aviator style sunnies but damn it, those flimsy metal frames bend out of shape like yogi on LSD. Luckily it’s easily fixed.Simply sit them in the sun for a while to soften the metal before slowly bending them back into shape bit by bit. The dash of the car will do the trick in just a couple of minutes. Same goes for bending the little nose rests that can make your glasses sit wonky.


Did you know that the best way to clean glasses is to wash them with warm soapy water? True story. This disolves all the grease build up rather than just smearing it around the lens with a lens cloth.

So there you go, a few simple little tricks to keep your sunnies working for you longer and prevent you from the tedious task of finding yet another pair that suit you.

Mental note to self: Buy a hard case for sunnies and use it. *clips oneself up the ear*

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