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The Junkyard

21 Aug

And you thought you had some junk…..

This place really takes the prize. Set on acerage in the Hawkesbury The Junkyard is a fossikers ideal day out. There is junk for as far as the eye can see. It almost looks like a rubbish dump or a car scrapyard except for the amazing array of salvaged goods on offer. Half a dozen trains in varying degree of decay, old buses filled to the brim with appliances and clothes, sheds and barns (some that could possibly be heritage listed) chock full of books, furniture and tools. Out in the open and at the mercy of the weather lie piles and piles of gates, tiles, bikes and hundreds of kitchen sinks.

They stock a dizzying range of items, just about everything you could imagine, though I have to wonder what sort of person is on the look out for 100 rusted rabbit traps, 5000 video tapes or mouldy old clothes that have likely been home to rats over the years? 

Like its product range The Junkyard has a diverse customer base. Antique Hunters and collectors love the old petrol pumps and signage. Renovators come seeking building materials. The everyman searching for a spare part that is not manufactured anymore and then there are the tourists who come just to see the spectacle of the place.     

Price wise its a bit all over the place. They probably charge too high for goods stored so badly but it depends on what you’re after and of course how much you are willing to pay for it.

Life size bronze crocodile to scare the kids away from your water feature?

That’ll be $2,000 thanks. 

The Junkyard is located at 11 Bennett Rd Londonderry NSW. 

It’s just off Richmond Rd past the roundabout at South Windsor.

Open 7 days 10am – 4pm, (02) 4572 5211.

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