OP SHOP – Anglicare, Blacktown

17 Apr

People always ask me which op shops I go to and the simple answer is, ALL of them! Seriously If there is an op shop open nearby I will go out of my way to suss it out, wherever I am. You just never know what you could find, I love the hunt. Seasoned op shoppers understand this tactic but still I am constantly asked where the best op shops are? I don’t know how to rate them in terms of the best as it all depends on your personal taste & what you are looking for but I’ve decided to start reviewing the stores I visit and what I buy there on the day. I hope you find this series useful.

Lee's Cobbler. Main st Blacktown

Lee’s Cobbler. Main st Blacktown

Today I had to take some shoes to Lee’s Cobbler, a little “hole in the wall” shop in Blacktown. Lee has been working here for 26 years. he is an old school bootmaker who is happy & able to take on the simple job of replacing the pin in a buckle which your regular Mister Minit stores wouldn’t be bothered with. I love supporting these crafts people. Don’t let his ramshackle store put you off though, he did a fantastic job on the shoes for just a few gold coins and was very friendly. I asked him for a business card but he just laughed at me and said “no need, everyone know I’m here”. So I took this photo of his shop just to be sure that everyone does indeed know about him. Lee is located in a small alleyway on Main street, directly opposite the train station.

Anglicare op shop. Blacktown.

Anglicare op shop. Blacktown.

I had 20 minutes to kill before I could pick up my shoes so a visit to the Anglicare store just around the corner was a must. I’ve been visiting this op shop for many many years and I think the lovely lady who runs the store has been there even longer. Today as luck would have it was “$3 Day”. All items in store were marked down to $3 and childrenswear $1. Before I knew it 20 minutes had morphed into 40 minutes. As is the way with op shopping where every coat hanger reveals a different item, I’m forced to checked every single thing in store. Hunting this way has its rewards and I unearthed a few good buys.


This Vigorella cardi retails for approx $100. The brand is like Metalicus’s twin sister. Love Love love this stuff. $3


Country Road linen/cotton top in apricot. $3


Witchery cotton/modal top with fine red & white stripe. $3


Paige Denim Blue Heights. Low rise skinny leg jeans. American denim that retails for $160 here in Australia. $3

I also got a red Sportsgirl top $3, a dupe for the black one that I own & love. A Tilli girls long sleeve top in watermelon $1 & a Honey Ocean & Earth red handbag $1 for my daughter but the pics didn’t come up very well on my phone.


This Anglicare shop is located at 3-5 Flushcombe Road Blacktown where it intersects Main st. Main street itself is quite the melting pot and worth a wander around if you dare. Some might say its a bit rough but it doesn’t faze me. I’m more interested in the cheap asian butchers, the Philipino takeaway, the Lebanese pizza, the Vietnamese bakeries and of course the other op shops that line this strip. Park your car in the Westpoint shopping centre next door or catch the train. The station will land you in the thick of Main st action.

9 Responses to “OP SHOP – Anglicare, Blacktown”

  1. Nicole April 17, 2013 at 11:32 pm #

    Wow brings back memories when I worked in main st Blacktown 23 years ago.Back then I use to go to Lee’s cobbler and the op shops use to be the best going around and it seem’s nothing has changed in 23 years by your review and purchase’s Bec.

    • The Hunter Gatherers April 18, 2013 at 2:18 pm #

      The op shops are all pretty much the same Nic its more the food outlets that have evolved with the population growth. Glad to hear from another Mr Lee fan!

  2. empressnasigoreng April 18, 2013 at 9:21 am #

    Excellent! I sometimes go to Blacktown for work so good to know about this op shop and the bootmaker. Any tips for Parramatta?

    • The Hunter Gatherers April 18, 2013 at 2:16 pm #

      I’ll scope Parramatta soon for you honey. Going to make this a comprehensive series.

    • Fellow Hunter May 1, 2013 at 4:14 pm #

      Macquarie Street Parramatta has an Op shop. Check it out.

      • empressnasigoreng May 3, 2013 at 9:55 am #

        Cool. Thank you. I don’t think op shops are all listed in the yellow pages, are they?


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