Dapto Showground Market

18 Nov

I had to work down at Dapto this morning and us Hunter Gatherers love to use every opportunity to scope out a new area. So I was delighted to find that Dapto had a huge market on when I Googled it. The Dapto Showground Market is held at the very place the area is synonymous for, Dapto Dogs. The greyhound racing club that just about everyone has heard of.  The club has been in operation since 1937 when racing was legalised. As we entered the market we walked through the Pavillion where the original betting windows line the wall and the huge tote board oversees the undercover part of the market. unfortunately these have now been replaced with modern electronic facilities in an air-conditioned room next door.

Dapto Showground market

We got there at lunchtime hoping to find something to eat but there was nothing that we found appetising, only a kebab van, hot corn, popcorn, dagwood dogs & hot chips. Not a Gozleme stand or coffee van in sight! There was plenty of fresh produce though with stalls selling fruit & veg.  There was also homemade preserves and baked goods. We purchased an apple pie for afternoon tea.

The market is a mix of up to 400 stalls with everything from second-hand dealers and family boot sales to handmade items and fresh produce including plants. Ideally you want to get to a flea market early to snatch up all the best buys but despite our late arrival we still managed to leave there laden with stuff (we probably don’t need). Stuff like a Barbie shower $1, yet another scooter $5, a bag of plastic play food $3, a beach umbrella $2 (actually that I do need). Soy wax melts  by Emma-Lee that smell exactly like musk sticks, mmmmm. A gift for my dad who collects antique fishing gear, a set of handmade cedar fishing floats and a couple of cork ones in a satchel for $20. I also picked up a bunch of second-hand umbrellas for only $1 each. Those big golf ones and a smaller Oroton signature umbrella. The Oroton one retails for $65! For. An. Umbrella. Outrageous.

I couldn’t resist sneaking this shot of a snoozing stallholder at Dapto market

If you love hunting for second-hand goods and are local to the Illawarra region then you should definantly be visiting this market every weekend. Even if you are not local Dapto is not that far from Sydney at just over an hour away, a smidge past Wollongong. We spotted lots of great finds, some very collectable like vintage car parts and a reel to reel audio tape recorder in mint condition.

The market is held at Dapto Showground, Princes Hwy. Every Sunday 7am-1pm. Entry is $1, kids under 15yrs free.


2 Responses to “Dapto Showground Market”

  1. sophie tompson December 15, 2012 at 7:33 pm #

    be careful with that sleeping stall holder I have been there when its poured down raining and he sells the same items the next week electrical ones too after they have been soaked he is there every week I’d be very careful buying from him

  2. D Hancock August 4, 2013 at 3:01 pm #

    Maybe you should have scoped out the area better as it has one of the best canteens selling huge bacon egg and sausage rolls that are delicious .

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