Salvonista Mobile Boutiques

20 Oct

Those Salvos are a pretty savvy bunch. They have jumped aboard the Pop Up Store phenomenon and launched their own version, Salvonista. I first caught wind of this via their Facebook page and just loved the concept. The Salvation Army’s  proactive approach like their Red Sheild Appeal, national door knock is to take it to the people. Most folk don’t go out of their way to visit an op shop but if you were strolling by a busy public place and saw a stall teaming with people you’d stop to have a look right? The other day I saw that their pop up store was in my area so I made like a Salvonista and popped on over. As I made my way closer to the stall I saw that it was indeed teaming with customers. I counted at least six Salvos staff helping customers with their purchases. It was a very well executed project.

The Salvonista Mobile Boutique is set up like a market stall complete with marquee and racks of clothes. It was thoughtfully styled without even the slightest whiff of moth balls. What really impressed me though was the details. A Salvonista logo’d van had been converted into a change room facility, which I dutifully tried out. The top of the van is fitted with solar panels that power the whole operation from the cash register and an Info Hub to the mobile phone charger bar, where customers can recharge while they shop. How’s that for customer service! I had the pleasure to chat with Freddie from Salvonista who explained to me that the Mobile Boutique was a way of demonstrating how to shop sustainably. The stock for each stall is sourced from the local Salvos store in the area thus reducing transport costs and miles. Op shopping is of course a great way to reduce landfill whilst still satisfying your urge to shop.

So what treasures did I hunt down on this fine day, I hear you ask? Well After collecting an armful of clothes I managed to cull down to a silver-grey Review Flapper style dress with embellished shoulders for just $8 and some old school designer, a black Bracewell shift dress also $8. For the offspring – a Just Jeans shrug knit $8 and a BNWT Target top $2 all carried home in my $1 Salvation Army green bag (although mine is beige with red detail). I did find lots of other cool things but alas not in my size/colour  but I get just as much a thrill to see other shoppers pick something up. It made my day to check back on the Salvonista Facebook page and see that someone had purchased the funky red limited edition Onitsuka Tiger high tops that were way out of my size league. Somebody should be loving those babies, it would break my heart for them to end up as rubbish in landfill.

The Mobile Boutiques are touring for a short period this spring, their website has all the deets of where they will be setting up shop check it out here and hunt them down before they disappear. I hope they see fit to continue with this worthwhile project though, its puts a modern spin on op shopping. A Salvonista is defined on their press release as not only a fashion savvy shopper but also an environmentally and socially aware person. They recommend shoppers utilise the mobile boutique to “hunt for pre-loved fashion treasures and find out where your local stores are, so you can continue to shop as a Salvonista once the Mobile Boutique has moved on.”

All hail.

2 Responses to “Salvonista Mobile Boutiques”

  1. The Beauty Philosopher October 20, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

    What a great idea! Go Salvos.

  2. empressnasigoreng December 15, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

    How excellent!

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