The People’s Market aka Melbourne Flea

16 Apr

What’s the coolest thing in Docklands, Melbourne? Yes Docklands and don’t say the monstrosity that is The Eye. A new market has recently launched on Docklands Drive that is just down the road from Harbour Town shopping centre enough to not be contaminated by mainstream commercialism. The People’s Market or Melbourne Flea as it is also known oozes cool. The site is littered with random shipping containers that have been converted into food stalls, an art gallery and coolest of cool, a bar!

It’s a bit like an open air pub market. You can kickback in the sun, listen to a live local band whilst drinking locally brewed beer on tap and browse the market stalls. There is a great variety of street food on offer. Spanish Paella, Phat Brats hotdogs, croc burgers, burritos, cupcakes, Twainese hawker food and of course great coffee. Central the market is the bar pouring beers on tap, love it! The site stays open til 9pm. For a five buck note you can hang out (beer in hand of course) and listen to some local talent in the twilight. Cool huh.

The Bar at Melbourne Flea

On the day we visited the market stalls ranged from boot sales (my fave) and vintage dealers to hula hoops and stationary. So while my girls gave hula hoops demonstrations I rustled through a family’s stall selling their preloved gear. There I purchased Miss 8 a pastel petticoat skirt $5 and a red check dress $2. A navy H&M top $5 for me and $2 denim shorts for the teen. I also picked up some punk nail decals $5 from a jewellery stall.

The Melbourne Flea operates every Saturday from 10am. The market has potential for up to 500 stalls but when we visited it was more like 25, expect the number to grow as the market becomes more established. We’ll be looking forward to visiting again on our next trip to Melbourne.


2 Responses to “The People’s Market aka Melbourne Flea”

  1. Ruskin Days July 10, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    I’ve been meaning to check this one out but haven’t had the chance to yet. Thanks for the review and for stopping by my blog 🙂

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