Haul list: Blacktown Drive In Market

25 Mar

This morning I met my father & sister at Blacktown Drive In market. My dad instructed me to make sure my station wagon was empty as he somehow always manages to find something enormous to buy. Today it was those big padded things that wrap around goal posts and a tackle bag along with an 8 water bottle carrier for his 2 grandsons who just started playing NRL. Dad got the lot for $50. I just looked them up and the gear is worth over $500! So after he loaded my car with these massive foam things and other miscellaneous purchases, my sister tipped the boat. She’d discovered a beautiful big wooden coffee table with built-in blanket drawers for only $70. We considered trying to get it up onto my roof racks but is was too hefty. We had to call in reinforcements, my husband with his 4WD.

Some days you find nothing but some days you find so much its a little overwhelming. Today was so productive that I didn’t even get to cover the whole market because after a number of runs back to the car to drop off purchases I eventually ran out of cash. That’s my cut off point. So what did I buy this morning? Lots of fashion, some of it designer for next to nothing.

A $3 Buddhist Punk top, Tsubi Lean Bean blackstich jeans $3. Three hoodies – Running Bare, Russell Athletic and Champion $2 each.

Tsubi Lean Bean blackstitch jeans

Chanel Irreelle Ombre multi effects in 25 Halo (Bronze). That’s a $55 eyeshadow for a tiny $2 folks.

Chanel Irreelle Ombre 25 Halo

Multi coloured Ray Ban wayfarers for 50c. My daughter is obsessed with this style of sunglasses and has several pairs though these will be her first Ray Bans. Not bad for a 10yr old!

A Black Wayne Cooper top, leather jackets in black & butter all for a mere $10 in total!

Gorgeous silk dresses $3 a piece. A bronze Morrissey mini and a petrol green Hussy Rainshower dress with the $389 price tag still attached!

Hussy Rainshower dress

On top of all that was the usual haul of kids clothes & shoes, and a leopard print cardigan because well you know I’ve only got three.

Want some? Then come get it. Blacktown Drive In Market is open Sunday mornings. You can get all the info and The Hunter Gatherers inside perspective here.


3 Responses to “Haul list: Blacktown Drive In Market”

  1. The Beauty Philosopher April 2, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

    I am envious of this haul! Well done.

  2. Ruskin Days July 10, 2012 at 3:27 pm #

    Fantastic haul!!!

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