Eumundi Market

14 Mar

The Eumundi Market has become a landmark in Queensland, a huge tourist attraction and money earner for what would otherwise be just another sleepy town in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. This community venture has been operating for more than 30 years now. The first market day was held in the CWA hall with 3 stalls in 1979 with only 8 visitors. Numbers have now swelled to a whopping 600 stalls and 1.6million visitors a year making it the biggest art and craft market in Australia.

Eumundi market from Memorial Dr

Eumundi Market is located right in the centre of Eumundi just off the Bruce Hwy a little over an hour north of Brisbane. So popular is the market now that there are 2 trading days – Wednesday 8am-1.30pm and Saturday 7am-2pm. Trading spans over a number of sites from traditional market stalls with marquees and tables to permanent shops and the bohemian stalls tucked behind the shops across the main road, so be sure to visit them all.

permanent shop stalls

We have visited the market a few times now and whilst it becomes easier to navigate your way around the rabbit warren of stalls whilst trying not to lose your offspring in the process with each visit, I do miss the excitement of our first time. The awe of the beautiful town with lovely cafes & shops, the squeals of delight from the kids at the sight of the playground, the thrill of the hunt – browsing the stalls not knowing what treasure might lie in the next aisle. So what advice could I give you that hasn’t already been listed on the comprehensive Eumundi Market website?

Market stalls under the fig trees

1. Get there early. TONS of people flock to this market in the peak xmas holiday period. Don’t be surprised to see a line of cars leading right back to the highway. There is a huge paddock of a carpark behind the market, just follow the signs. There is a parking fee but the money feeds back into the community. Skip the buffet breakfast at your hotel and grab some of the yummy fresh food on offer at the market. Trust me you will want to sample everything.

2. Prepare to get sweaty. It can get really hot and humid in Eumundi, add to that thousands of people crammed together in a mosh pit of consumerism and its going to get sticky. Wear cool clothes and keep hydrated. Take a break under the sanctuary of the heritage listed fig trees while the kids let off stream in the fantastic playground all right next to the market.

The playground

3. Overwhelmed by the sheer choice on offer? Buy local. I like to support small business in the community. I look for unique lovingly handmade items that I won’t find back home or in a retail shop. Hand thrown ceramic bowls, good enough to eat natural beauty products, locally designed clothes, home made soap and candles. On our first visit we were lucky enough to stumble upon the best curry pastes I have ever used – Life’s Good Curry Pastes. We even got to chat with the producer, Sam who gave us lots of alternative recipes for using the pastes. Needless to say I have repurchased the range on every visit.

4. Shop further than the market. Eumundi is home to some great retail therapy in and around the main street. We loved the beautiful handmade chocolates from Cocoa Chocolat. The local pub featured an impressive line up of live music for those staying overnight.

Busker outside the park

5. Work up an appetite. My favourite thing about this market is all the wonderful food on offer. I want it all! Balinese, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, French,German, Indian, Greek and more. So after refueling for breakfast, morning tea, coffee, lunch, snacks and impulse eating whatever takes our fancy it is a relief to be able to buy lots of delectable produce to take home as well. We stocked up on TonKen’s exotic chutneys. The kids wanted plump strawberries and passionfruits. I got a bag of fresh mini cinnamon & raisin bagels from The Bagel Boys to take home for a cuppa later on but they were so irresistible that they didn’t survive the drive back!

Have you been to Eumundi? What did you love?

2 Responses to “Eumundi Market”

  1. Chard March 15, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    Great story Bec, very jealous : ) reminded me how much I loved it there – might have to take a trip back up soon!


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