The Teen Hunter Gatherer

29 Nov

I take my kids gathering with me and teach them how to hunt just as my parents taught me. Our teenager over the years has honed her hunting skills and developed a personal style I could only dream of having at her age. She prides herself on not following trends and dressing exactly the same as all her friends, instead wearing what she loves. Op shopping has provided her with not only a cheap outlet to indulge her spending sprees but also a creative melting pot in which to experiment with new looks. I’m proud to introduce our very first guest blogger to give a teenager’s perspective on op shopping.    

When teenagers walk into an op shop, the general reaction is one of embarrassment, dissatisfaction and assumed defunct.  However, people don’t realise that the $200 outfit they are wearing, I duplicated for $20 at the shop they dismissed at first glance. So, I think it is fair to say that it is ignorance that stops teenagers from shopping at op shops, not fashion incompatibility.


Walking into an op shop, the first place I look is the basket of scarfs. They have to be my favourite op shop purchase as they are timeless and versatile. I tie them around denim shorts, a handbag, drape around my neck, or tie around my head (whichever look you’re going for). Also, shoes are always cheap and usually unique, such as sequined, coloured or vintage (just make sure they’re washed before they’re worn!). In terms of clothing, there is a lot of sifting to be done. Floral patterns, stripes and spots veil the $5 denim jeans and $10 maxi dresses, so remain calm and don’t vomit! LOL. Finally, books, music, art and kitchenware are in no shortage; however, due to my sensitive allergies medication is a necessity for the perusal of this section. There can be lots of dust.

Nicole Ritchie

All in all, I think it is important to value that everything you buy second-hand has a history deeper than modern retail. Items seem more original, more important to the community, and more fashionable because they are in a store that is not focused on marketing and trends. When I wear an outfit or read a book I don’t feel guilt; I feel a part of my community. Op shopping and markets have provided me with my style and opened my eyes to shopping outside the boarders of convention.

Angus & Julia Stone


2 Responses to “The Teen Hunter Gatherer”

  1. empressnasigoreng August 5, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    I started op shopping as a teenager in Melbourne in the 80s. My 13yo has yet to overcome the embarrassment stage although she does like some of the things I find for her and is interested in the concept of revamping.

    • The Hunter Gatherers August 13, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

      I’ve always dragged my kids hunting with me and they don’t seem to mind (except if I take too long browsing!). I’m seeing more & more young things op shopping now that vintage dressing has become mainstream, pity this trend also pushes the prices up at some stores.

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