The Bag Swap

26 May

I’m always spring cleaning it seems, regardless of the season. I always have a bag that I’m filling to drop into a charity bin. The thing is that every time I drop off a bag I always come home with a new one or two… or three. I just can’t pass up the opportunity to pop into the op shop to see what treasures might be waiting to be discovered. I rationalize that its ok to buy more stuff seeing how I’ve just culled some things & donated back into the cycle. Whatever the excuse there is no denying that op shopping is guilt free retail therapy. On this particular trip I came home with 21 items for a grand total of $46.

“What?!!” I hear you scream, “21 items for only 46 bucks!” That’s an average of $2 per item. Yep, here’s the haul list.

A cork pin board $4. I’m going to spray paint this for the kids to pin their artwork to.

Killer red Siren stilettos, that look like they’ve been worn once, $4.

A $2 purple Kookai top, 3 other tops & a pair of pants.

A red Roxy cardigan, $4. This is a size L, I’m a Small but one of the things about op shopping is about extending your boundaries so I tried it on. Its sloppy but I like it. Sold.

Baby clothes x 4, kids clothes x 5

A cool pair of customised tights, $3. Black with panels of sheer black polka dot, red & navy stripe, black lace edging & orange tulle bows. They remind me of the circus so I buy them. 

Jigsaw puzzle $2. Book 50c.

Men’s rain jacket, $8. Tick, I’ve been looking for one of these.

I like to share the love. In that trip I managed to find things for 7 different people. Everyone’s a winner.


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